About the blog

I put a lot of thought before I selected a blogging software. In the past I've used Wordpress, but over the years, I've noticed it become more and more feature packed to the point, where it felt bloated and writing no longer felt like the main focus of it.
This made me start looking at other alternatives. I first considered Medium. Medium is a really awesome platform. The interface is really beautiful. It's a pleasure to write and read posts on Medium. But, it did bring up some concerns. I had concerns about how easily someone who wanted to read my posts would be able to find them. The focus on Medium seems to be geared towards discovering posts by different people about a topic rather than posts by one single person. I also didn't like the idea that all my content would be on a platform that I didn't have control over.
Next I considered Jekyll/Octopress. I liked the fact that I could write anywhere and it seemed pretty simple enough to work with. Except for the fact that everytime I published a post, I would have to go back into to the terminal and run a few commands before I could publish. For a person trying to get better at writing and looking for a solution that provided ease of use in writing , it seemed like an unnecessary hassle.
Then I discovered Ghost. Ghost offered a really great experience for both reading and writing articles, just like Medium. Since it offered a self hosted version I could use, I would still have control over all of my content. It sounded like the perfect solution, but then I discovered that it wouldn't work with my current shared hosting on Dreamhost.
After comparing the solutions, I decided to go with Ghost as it offered the ease of use that I was looking for from my blogging software.
So after considering everything, here we are. I am running this blog on amazing VPS service provided by DigitalOcean. They made setting up Ghost a cinch, as they have an option to spin up a droplet (Digital Ocean's term for a server instance) with Ghost preinstalled.
So far, I'm really happy with my choice and am enjoying the experience of writing posts using Ghost.