Third times the charm

I've always thought about maintaining a blog, however somehow it has never worked out.

The first time I wanted to start a blog, blogs were just beginning to take off on the internet and I wanted to have my own little spot on the internet to post on. I never really had any idea of what I'd write about at that point. I just wanted a blog. A little while after starting that blog, I realized that I wasn't really posting anything on it, and decided to shut it down.

The second time I started a blog was as an addition to my personal website, where I would post whatever was on my mind. I did post a little more regularly on that, but I spent more time tweaking the visual design of the blog trying to get it perfect. Soon I realized I was spending too much time trying to perfect the design of the blog instead of actually posting on it, and as my posting frequency dropped, I decided to shut it down altogether.

Recently I've been thinking about a lot of different topics and I wanted to share my thoughts on them, but was apprehensive about putting in too much time and effort into starting a new blog because of my failed past attempts at blogging. I also felt that my writing might not be good enough. I often post about topics on Twitter, but writing 140 characters about something isn't the same as writing a post about it. Twitter just didn't feel like an appropriate medium to post more extensive thoughts on.

Then recently, I came across a blog post that was penned down by my friend Chance titled "I'm not a good writer". In his post, Chance writes

There is no such thing as talent. Sure, we all start from different places with different skills. What sets us apart, though, is the time we put in and our resolve to push through and learn from failure.

It really resonated with me and it has provided me with the motivation to write a blog again. Though this time, I'm taking a different approach. I'm not writing to simply maintain a blog. I'm resolving to write so that I can share my thoughts on different topics, and become a better writer in the process.
Like they say - Third times the charm!